The race will start in Chicago and head east. Over the 25,000 mile journey, we will run past great landmarks, making for terrific race photos. Here is a summary along with the distance between each point.

Starting Point Destination Miles
Navy Pier, Chicago Times Square, New York 700
Times Square, New York Big Ben, England 3,500
Big Ben, England Eiffel Tower, France 200
Eiffel Tower, France Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy 500
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy Acropolis, Greece 800
Acropolis, Greece Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt 700
Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt Taj-Mahal, India 2,800
Taj-Mahal, India Sydney Opera House, Australia 6,400
Sydney Opera House, Australia Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 5,000
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Golden Gate Bridge, California 2,400
Golden Gate Bridge, California Grand Canyon, Arizona 600
Grand Canyon, Arizona Navy Pier, Illinois 1,400

Note: All distances calculated “as the crow flies” (Source: